To Dungeoneer Is Risky was developed as a game jam entry for KOM Jam 2016. The topic of the jam was "experience points", with optional topics being "arrow crab", "one trick pony", and "upside down". The game encompasses three of the four topics:

  • "experience points", by letting the player reward the computer with experience points for playing the game;
  • "upside down", because the user is in the role usually occupied by the computer;
  • "one trick pony", by only having the one game mechanic.

How to Play

The computer is playing the role of a knight encountering monsters on an adventure. Your job is to decide how much experience points an encounter is worth.

Use the number keys or numpad to enter the amount of experience points you'll give an encounter. If the knight successfully resolves it, he is rewarded the points. If he doesn't, he's penalised by having the points deducted. An encounter is resolved after "Enter" is pressed, based on the knight's and monsters' levels.

The rewards have to be fair for the computer to continue playing. Larger rewards and smaller penalties can keep the computer satisfied.

The computer will tolerate unfairness only once. If you displease him two times in a row, he will give up, and the game will be lost. The game is also lost if the experience point pool becomes empty.

There is no set goal for the game, but if you wish, you can consider the knight's level as a metric of progress.

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